Welcome to Cluck Farms!

I’m Hayden, the farmer behind Cluck Farms. My chickens are living their lives Free Range and are antibiotic and hormone free. They spend all day outdoors under the Central Coast sun eating grass, seeds and bugs, playing and clucking. They don’t know any other lifestyle and never will.

Not only are our eggs free of harmful properties and our chickens spend all day every day in the fresh air, they get a steady diet of fruit and vegetables in addition to their high protein, high calcium feed. We partner with local farmers and food banks to ensure that no food gets wasted in Ventura County. You’ll notice that our eggs taste and look different than the ones normally found in the store. That’s because our girls eat grass, fruit and veggies! You’ll also notice that our eggs have a thicker shell and consistency, that’s because they’re higher in calcium than your standard eggs.

The best part? They’re colorful. We have a variety of different breeds of chickens so our eggs come in shades of blue, green, pink, brown, olive and white.